Top 6 reasons to attend GRC 2014

  1. Significantly lower compliance, audit, and reporting costs
  2. Deploy, test, and monitor controls faster and with greater ease
  3. Prepare for and conduct more rigorous internal and external audits
  1. Reduce and quickly remediate segregation of duties (SoD) violations
  2. Tighten security and system access control
  3. Complete upgrades, implementations, and other GRC projects on time, on target, and on budget
A better understanding of the GRC environment was sufficient motivation to attend the GRC 2013 event. Live demos, keynote speakers, and topic specific sessions all helped accomplish our objective.
—Anthony Wilson, Head of Group Audit, Woolworths Limited

GRC 2014 is co-located with Financials 2014, BI 2014, HANA 2014, and HR 2014. Registration at one conference admits you to all five events at no additional cost.

The GRC 2014 Experience

Keynote Address